Logistics team is in charge of collaborating with venues for all projects and events, creating logistics plans, leading logistics volunteers at ISWiB and finding optimal solutions for all challenges.

Ana Jovanović, LOCISTICS team coordinator

Ana is a third year management student of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences. She’s extremely friendly girl who spends most of her free time with friends. From her first year of university, she has been a part of cheerleading team, which woke up her emotions towards dance and gymnastics. She’s very active, apart from faculty obligations, and she feels the most comfort when she has a million activities and tasks that seem impossible to copperhead together. She’s very open minded and loves to work in different spheres, try new things and learn new skills. Her dream job would be something where she can travel all the time and never stay in the same place.

Ivana Zlatković, LOGISTICS team member

Ivana Zlatković – Student of medical biochemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy. A great adventurer, and curious explorer of new things who is always happy to get out of her comfort zone. As graduated student from the Medical School “Belgrade” majoring in pediatric nurse-technician, she likes to work with children. Since a childhood, she was a dancer in the Folk Dance Group “Srem” from Jakovo. She graduated from the “Petar Konjović” Music School, instrument: violin. Last year, she had her first major volunteering experience at the ISWiB festival. Since this year, she has been a member of the World Youth Wave organization team for logistics. She has traveled almost all of Europe with folklore, the next goals are overseas destinations. The tours brought her friendships from different parts of the world and unforgettable memories. She enjoys getting to know different cultures and spending time with friends and family. She has a clear goal in life to which she takes small steps with small joys every day.

Vera Bogdanović, LOGISTICS team member

Vera is a twenty-year-old management student at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. She discovered her love for photography in primary school and since then she hasn’t stopped annoying people around her to be her models. From the young age, she’s always had a knack for sports and she can’t even count how many sports she’s trained. In her leisure time, she likes to travel, hike, and of course capture every moment through the lens on her camera. Her greatest volunteering experience so far has been volunteering at ISWIB, after which she wanted to contribute more to this festival. Her wish came true and now she is a member of the logistics team.

Bojan Denda, LOGISTICS team member

Bojan is a student of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade and currently working as a Software Engineer. He is very passionate about rowing, any kind of exercise in general and especially food. He enjoys participating in obstacle course races and hikes, reading comics and taking late night car rides while listening to music.