Official Statement on ISWiB2020

Dear ISWiBers,

We are very grateful for all the patience and support that you’ve been giving us through these difficult times.

As you all know, we have been dealing with an unprecedented set of affairs, aware that it can affect our lives and work, but still hoping to overcome it in one way or another.

After carefully monitoring the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic of Serbia and the rest of the world as well, we regret informing you that International Student Week in Belgrade 2020, won’t be able to take place.

The reasons are many, including the restriction of public gatherings, quarantine while entering the country, a great number of government funds that used to support our festival are being switched to COVID-19 treatment, an extension of exam periods, etc.

ISWiB organizational team has been trying to deal with these unforeseen circumstances and giving its best to solve the problems ahead of us, but there are so many uncertainties and the situation is far beyond our control.

Thank you all for having faith in us so far. We hope that you’ll understand our decision, as we truly believe that general safety and well being should be everyone’s priority in times like this.

All of our dear participants that got selected for this year will as well be automatically part of ISWiB 2021.

We will use the time ahead of us to keep going and growing, to continue supplying you with lots of different interesting content, and working on making ISWiB 2021 the greatest and the best version of the festival so far.

ISWiB Family