hall of fame

"ISWiB for me is astonishing journey with fascinating people literally from all around the world. Together educational workshops are undertaken with the culmination of insane party every evening, Belgrade in its vast variety is The Perfect place to combine learning with pleasure. Additionally to informative workshops, experience is also gained from quaint individuals bringing piece of their culture to share. In the end of this amazing week, no one feels like leaving, however it is inevitable, the bitter taste while going only shows how spectacular all of this was. Every student should have "Take part of ISWiB" in their bucket list, so that could be possible now and in the future - i choose to support ISWiB now and afterwards. Your own eye is the king, who haven't yet, should come and experience this so to truly understand what ISWiB means."​

Stewen Naano

ISWiB Učesnik i Crowdfunding Donor

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