PR (Public Relations) team deals with representing the organization in public, managing social networks, as well as communication with the organization’s media partners.

Lena Bogdanović, PR team coordinator

Lena Bogdanović is a student at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade, module International studies. Lena is an active volunteer and activist. She was an activist in the “Ide glas” campaign, and she is currently a team coordinator in a campaign that aims to motivate citizens to take local actions in their communities. She is an educator on the topics of gender equality and gender-based violence. Her areas of interest are international relations, democracy, public policies, gender equality, marketing, and media literacy.

Elena Marković, PR team member

Elena is a third-year student of operational management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Besides studying, she is learning Italian with the desire to enroll in a master’s degree in Italy or to one day live in an Italian city. She is a big adventurer, so she likes to use her free time to travel. Her dream job would be to try new food around the world, and for that very reason she has a great love for traveling and getting to know new places, cultures and people. She enjoys reading books, watching movies and series, but she also likes her days to be filled with obligations because then she feels productive and fulfilled.

Ksenija Kalezić, PR team member

Ksenija is a third-year art history student at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She tried her hand at many things, and in many she has yet to try, but writing has been the most important one since her childhood, and she can boast of countless written (but also unpublished) stories and poems, as well as participation in poetry nights. She volunteered in several Belgrade museums, while in the World Youth Wave she began to expand her interests even further. She speaks French and is learning Italian, hoping that one day she might have a daily view of the Mediterranean Sea. She is an eternal lover of beauty, a faithful listener of Chopin and an incorrigible nostalgic.

Marija Stefanović, PR team member

Marija is a 22 years student studying Dutch language, literature and culture at the Philological Faculty in Belgrade. Her comfort zone is drinking tea in a warm blanket while learning new languages and their outlandish alphabets. On the other hand, she loves to leave her comfort zone by travelling and meeting new people. If you ask her the world must be explored so just wait for her to get her backpack. Her superpower? Amazing hugs.

Milica Alimpić, PR team member

Milica is 20 years old and a second-year student at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade, module journalism and communication. Milica has been
actively volunteering since she was fifteen years old and claims that it was youth
activism that most determined her spheres of interest. In the past, she was
engaged in mediation and education in the fields of non-violence, gender
equality, culture and media, and currently she is interested in digital
marketing, public relations, project management, youth entrepreneurship and
politics, as well as fundraising. She says for herself that she really likes to
leave her comfort zone, gain new acquaintances and experiences, to which
volunteering in the World Youth Wave contributed significantly. She finds herself
in art fields such as music, dance, literature and painting.

Isidora Mitić, PR team member

 Isidora is 21 years old. She studies Italian language and literature at Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She volunteered in the theater and at many film festivals. She likes to volunteer, meet new people and gain new experiences. Hers hobbies are acting, participating in debates, cooking, and dancing. In hers free time, she like to read poetry and listen to various podcasts.