The Presidency is the foundation of the successful functioning of the organization and their task is to lead the organization in the best possible way, from weekly meetings to organizing demanding projects.

Jovana Jović, project coordinator

Jovana is a third-year undergraduate student of Operational Management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and someone who has been involved in activism since her youth. Through her development, she has gone through different spheres of interest, starting from journalism and media, to project management and team management. She loves challenges and is very dedicated and thorough in her work, and likes to say that she is systematic and analytical, which she likes to demonstrate by solving business case studies. She has an adventurous spirit, always on the move, which may be why she sometimes doesn’t know how to answer a message – but she’s working on it!

Petar Vitković, project coordinator

Petar is a final year Management student at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. While still in high school, he fell in love with youth activism and began to engage in the non-governmental sector through various projects and conferences. He built the foundations of his volunteer and youth work by contributing to the European Youth Parliament and Belgrade International Model of the United Nations. Through his studies and his involvement in the non-governmental sector, Petar discovers a wide range of interests such as project management, finance, public relations and marketing research. He constantly finds himself in different scientific and artistic fields, dreams of going to Mexico and roadtripping through South America and tries to live by the mantra homo universalis every day.