The Presidency is the foundation of the successful functioning of the organization and their task is to lead the organization in the best possible way, from weekly meetings to organizing demanding projects.

Sara Oluić, project coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Sara and I’m 23 years old and I study Management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. My first volunteer experience was at ISWiB 2018, in the sector of logistics. From that day, the role in this organization is very important to me, it moves me, inspires me to do better and I can’t wait to share all of my ISWiB adventures with my grandkids. My dream was to jump from the plane which I did, falling 3000m from the sky. The next wish in line is to become the Survivor reality show participant. I truly hope that we are going to organize the best ISWiB so far – ISWiB 2022. Jeca and I will give our best, with our organizational team to fulfill your and our expectations. See ya!

Jelena Milošević, project coordinator

Hi people, I’m Jelena (you can also call me Jex) and I’m 23 years old. I study management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. ISWiB was my first and forever favorite volunteering experience, which inspired me to join the organizational team of World Youth Wave. Through my 2-year experience I went from being a member of the HR team, later on HR team leader, all the way to the position of a president, together with my friend Sara. By working in this wonderful environment, I gained self-confidence, actually learned how to “manage” and, of course, experienced a real student lifestyle through experiences you can’t even imagine. I am a big movie enthusiast and at 5 in the morning you will always find me awake and in my own world. The biggest sources of my education and personallity development are channel E!, Cartoon Netwook, Disney Channel and Fox life.