Rafaela Samara’s story

My story with volunteers:

Yellow T-shirts were so many and they were everywhere! The funniest part was during their “duty” to wake us up in the morning everyday. That “knock-knock” sound in the door and their step going up and down the floor and playing pop songs in order to wake us up, was a daily “must thing”.

Personally I used not to have an alarm clock in my phone, because of the volunteers! They made an excellent work and their way of “waking the participants up” was successful. It was a bit annoying the first day because everybody was tired, but still, you could see only smiley faces in every volunteer’s face. I’m happy and proud of each one of them!

What volunteers represent to me:

Becoming a volunteer for ISWiB, for sure means that you’ll have fun. Welcoming participants in the airport, meeting new people from all around the world, taking photos with them, hanging around and learning so many cool new things, is totally great! Each volunteer had a specific task to do and the festival was super well organized. Volunteers were everywhere and when I say everywhere, I mean it! You could see yellow t-shirts everywhere! There were also so many photography volunteers, that the participants were confident that they would have photos of every event in the end. The main thing is that whenever every participant had a question to make, two, three or more volunteers were around, ready and full of energy to answer to you. There wasn’t a tiny chance to meet a volunteer who would feel boring or miserable. Every volunteer had the spirit of happiness, joy and excitement and that’s also why the festival rocks!

Rafaela Samara, ISWiB 2018 participant