International Student Week in Belgrade is based on the idea “young for the young”. Every year the festival gathers not only a lot of participants, but a great number of volunteers as well, who are actively involved in the festival and help make it happen. Through this project they have an opportunity to gain necessary theoretical, but also practical experience in all different areas that this project covers. ISWiB is led by the idea of inspiring young people to be more involved in solving the problems of societies they live in, both on personal and professional level. One of ISWiB’s primary tasks is to help young people reach their full potential.

Volunteers are recruited from local communities and they have a very important role in making this festival happen. So far over 300 volunteers have had an opportunity to be a part of organizing the International Student Week in Belgrade. It is expected that ISWiB will be helped by around 70 volunteers.


In order to prepare in a best way for all the duties during the festival, there are trainings for volunteers after the selection. Trainings are educational and they will provide all the necessary information about the organization of the festival and about the tasks for volunteers. This will also be an opportunity for the volunteers to get to know the coordinators of their teams, as well as all the other members of the organizing board, whom they will cooperate with during the festival. Trainings will be conducted for all volunteers together, and for each of the four separate groups (Group guide, Info&Host, Logistics and Media).

Media - The volunteers of this sector are in charge of recording all the nice moments during the festival and turning them into memories. They take photos and videos during all events - educational, cultural and entertaining. They mostly cooperate with PR team, as they are the ones who provide them with materials for the site and all social networks. The knowledge of using DSLR camera in different brightness conditions and dynamic situations is required.

Info & Host - The volunteers of this sector mostly cooperate with IntCom team, since they must have all the necessary information regarding the participants. They are at the reception, issuing keys and bed sheets to participants, and of course providing them with all necessary information.

Group guides - These volunteers are in charge of a particular group of participants. They take care of them, take them to workshops and all events. They also need to make sure that the participants are returned safely to the dormitory after each event. They are always there for them and because of that this is the sector which mostly connects with the participants.

Logistics - This sector is there for all technical matters. They do everything that is needed to prepare the events, workshops, and all other activities.


What is ISWiB?
ISWiB (International Student Week in Belgrade) is a youth project organized by a group of students from the World Youth Wave organization in Serbia. The goal of the festival is to gather young people from all over the world in Serbia where they would acquire new knowledge and skills.

Who can volunteer?
All interested young people aged 18-25 who live in Belgrade.

I don’t live in Belgrade, but I’d like to volunteer. Can I apply?
Of course you can! The only thing you need is a place to stay in Belgrade during trainings for volunteers and during the festival itself.

What languages do I need to know at the festival?
The official language of the festival is English and it is therefore necessary that you can speak it. Knowledge of any additional language will be considered a plus. Official language certificates and diplomas are desired, but not necessary, because the knowledge of English language will be tested at the interview.

I am not a Serbian citizen, but I am studying here. Do I have a right to apply?
Yes, it is only important that you can speak Serbian and that you have a place to stay in Belgrade during trainings for volunteers and during the festival itself.

Where can I find out more about all this?
The official ISWiB website is, where you can find all the necessary information. You can also find information on our Facebook page(, Twitter account ( and Instagram account ( For any additional information, you can write to us on

Can volunteers participate in the festival program?
Depending on your shift and type of work you do, your participation in the official festival program might be limited, but never forbidden.

I have written a lot of personal information when completing the application form. Is my privacy protected?
Absolutely! All the data you insert is sent directly to a special database that only HR team can access. Information is not shown publicly, distributed, or copied without prior permission from the person in question. Your privacy is therefore secured.

Will I get any proof of volunteering after the festival?
All volunteers get a certificate that proves their selfless contribution to the festival.

How much time would I need to invest in volunteering? Are there shifts?
There will be three compulsory trainings for volunteers prior to the festival. During the 7 days of festival there will be shifts for all volunteer groups, but based on our experience so far, everybody comes in the morning and stays until the night, because they want to socialize with other volunteers and participants. Therefore the time you spend with us at the festival is not limited.

I don’t know anything about this. Will there be trainings?
Of course there will. Trainings will be organized for all volunteers, and you will be informed about them in time.

This would be the first time that I volunteer. Is it necessary that I have relevant experience?
It is irrelevant whether you have any volunteering experience. You only need good will and a strong wish to socialize with other people.

Do I have food and accommodation?
Every volunteer will have three meals a day at the canteen of the high school dorm with the participants. However, we are not able to provide accommodation, so you should have a place to stay in Belgrade during training and the festival itself.

How are volunteers organized?
Since the festival gathers a lot of people and there are many things to take care of, volunteers are divided in four sectors. That secures a balance between volunteering duties and free time that volunteers can spend with the participants during the festival.