What can you do while in quarantine?

Hello, ISWiBers! 

We hope to find you in good condition and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones! We understand that quarantine can certainly become rather dull, so we are here to lend you a helping hand in making this period as worthy as it can be!

Remember that book you always wanted to read, or that movie you always wanted to see, or that faraway friend you always wanted to check up on but somehow could never find the time to do so? Well, now’s the perfect time! There are numerous things you can do in quarantine and we suggest you some of the ones we find most interesting!

First of all, since there is a restriction of movement, it is important not to forget physical activity and do some yoga, pilates, simple exercises or just dance the quarantine away! Secondly, as this is a great chance to work on your self-improvement and take this time to flourish, we suggest you visit some of the various online tours (such as museums or national parks), sign up for some free online courses, watch movies and TV shows, read books and maybe even write reviews on them, start writing a blog or a diary, and catch up on some uni work, of course. Last but not least, socialize online and spend time with your family. Let’s make something good out of this situation and grow into more caring and compassionate people!

You can find more ideas on our Instagram profile and if you have some ideas of your own – please share them with us! Take care, follow the official advice regarding Covid-19 and what better wish we could have for you than to simply – Keep going, keep growing no matter what!