Why is volunteering so important?

Volunteering is all around us, in all parts of life. But the most common delusion about being a volunteer is an explanation of this term as doing something for free. It’s true that in most cases when you are volunteer, you are doing something without expecting compensation in the form of money. But, it is important to realize that in compensation for volunteering you receive a lot of things that last a whole lifetime. 

Not so rare, volunteering brings to us an opportunity to travel and make friends all around us. After all, people we meet don’t have to be our friends to add value to our life. Volunteering gives us a chance to meet different personalities and hear different stories, and to learn something from all of that.

Volunteering is also giving us a chance to meet ourselves, to try different things and do different jobs, and to find our place in the world. Being a volunteer can be a trip of your life, where you will find out what moves you or where you can become a little better person.

Volunteering can bring to you a lot of work experience and fill your CV. Volunteering will not take a lot of your time, but on the long terms can save you years of fighting for your dream job. When you decide that is time to find your first real job, you will be so much easier because you’ll already know what is for you or not, and also you will already have the experience, needed work skills, and recommendations.

In the end, when you are volunteering, you have an opportunity to help your society and people around you. A lot of people around us and the environment for itself needs help and support from young people, believing that young people can make a change. Having the power to change something is probably the biggest power that pupil has.

Remember, whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.