Start-up – Achieve the Dream

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Technique: Getting familiar with the concept of start-up, the participants of our workshop will come closer to realising their ideas on the market. Combining theory and practice, they will learn how to effectively use their skills and knowledge with the goal of marketing their personal affinities. Our moderator will guide them through the process of achieving that goal.

Problem: How close is the conception of an idea to its realisation? And can an idea be enough to carry the entire structure of a company? Starting a business always carries with it a price – near constant risk – but there is a big difference between risk and calculated risk. The participants will come to find that detailed planning in combination with active and constant learning can control and even neutralise that risk. Prospective entrepreneurs should be aware of the hard, long road that any good idea goes through in its journey from conception to realisation.

Goal: A long line of consecutive technological revolutions which culminated in the industrial 4.0 revolution allowed for the appearance of a completely new business model – start-up company. Start- ups are companies based on ideas, around which potential investors group, and because of that are a great example of today’s market of knowledge. With a good and well-timed market opportunity, along with ambition and entrepreneurship of the team assembled around the central idea, start-up companies have the chance to achieve great heights. The potential is palpable and our participants will learn how to harness it.

Expected result: Upon the end of the workshop, the participants will have a better understanding of the process of creating a start-up, awareness of potential problems and end-goals that should be aimed at. The theoretical and practical knowledge that they made during the workshop will be of use for all future endeavours of this type. With help and support, the participants will come closer to validating their own ideas, learn about risk management, and get a better picture of how start-ups are made, all from the real-life experiences of our moderator. The participants will learn how to rationally consider the good and bad sides of an idea, along with how it can be improved.