Branding and sales – Strategies for Success

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Technique: The goal of this workshop is to closely introduce our participants to the significance of branding and its application, as well as enable them to fully use one of the most important market skills – sales. Participants will, lead by our expert moderator, go through the theoretical part of the course, getting the needed knowledge for the further realisation of the workshop, and then have the chance to hone their knowledge to usable skills through different practical exercises with the other participants.

Problem: As time goes by, with every passing day the quantity of different products and their stories rise exponentially and threaten to take the meaning away from the market. It’s necessary to find a way to secure your own place on the figurative shelf of business. How to win that battle and succeed in making your product an exceptional conversation-maker? In a way, we’re all salesmen continuously trying to make the best impression possible with our clientele and thus sell ourselves to the best of our abilities. One of the questions our participants will face during the workshop is how to earn and, more importantly, how to keep the customer’s trust?

Goal: The goal of this workshop is to encourage young people to freely embrace the process of selling their product in the future, but also to fully understand how to in that process implement branding and the skill of sales. Brand can be thought of as a fingerprint – everyone has one, but only some can unlock all the doors – and behind every famous brand, there’s always a narrative. Brand is, after all, the art of distinguishing oneself and people have always been feeding on stories. It’s those stories that make up the entirety of our history. But, sometimes even the power of a strong brand name isn’t enough, and it’s necessary to turn a passerby who spotted your story into a permanent customer, with regard of his wishes and needs in mind. The skill of sales lies in that exact thing: how to draw people closer, once they become aware of you and your idea. Our participants will understand that in our society it’s much more important for the customer to have just the right perception of your product than to be the best on the market.

Expected result: Upon the end of the workshop, the participants will have deeper insight in not only how to place their product of interest on the marketplace, but also how to place their own qualities. They will also come to meet the imperative power of branding, because in every successful endeavour branding and sales go hand in hand and it’s difficult to imagine success without their symbiosis.