Method: Making a film is an undertaking of many parts, so our participants will be split into smaller groups with personal duties and goals, to the best of both their capabilities and affinities. However, all participants will still work together, since making a film is a process dependant on all the cogs successfully working closely in sync with each other. They will encapsulate their ideas and work on realising them, all the while indulging themselves in the process of planning, filming and editing the footage, resulting in something all can be proud of.

Problem: The world is changing. Sometimes we notice it, sometimes we don’t. We believe that it is incredibly important not only to fully realise all the little fluctuations changing our everyday lives, but also how to come to terms with them, how to find our own little places in space and time and space-time, which seems to be getting smaller and smaller by each passing hour. In that sense, we decided to use film as an incredibly powerful art form to channel those thoughts into something concrete and full of truth, as not many other things can be.

Goal: As the quote goes, „not all who wander are lost“. With that in mind, the goal of the film workshop is to inspire all its participants to express their ideas as best as they can and then use those expressions to create something of their own, something they can wholeheartedly stand behind, both individually and as a group. The moderator will lead the group through the process of delegating responsibilities, bearing in mind personal wishes and skills, but still retaining a sense of camaraderie in which art can usually be found. The moderator will juggle the technical parts of making a film, like operating the camera, setting up the mise en scène, working with a script or improvising, but also editing the final product, along with the process of successfully articulating an idea from conception to realisation. The film itself could be either a live-action one or a documentary, depending on what the moderator finds best upon meeting the participants and in consultation with them. The subject of the film, broadly speaking, is the search for a place in this new world that is slowly, but surely coming with the ever increasing rate of technological advances.

Expected result: It is our wish for the participants to leave Belgrade with a much deeper insight into how a film is made and, hopefully, inspired to embark on similar projects of their own in the future. Finally, the end-goal of the workshop itself is to premiere the film on the closing day of the festival, surely followed by salvos of applause and long lasting bonds between the cast and the crew.