Bring The Passion – dance workshop – emotions

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Method: The method of this workshop is dance, through which participants will show connection between each other and express their emotions.

Problem: In today's world, with the development of technology and social networks, people get alienated and the virtual world took over our reality. Every emotion can be displayed in the form of emoji and communication with friends got reduced to a few words in messages. This lifestyle can frequently lead to development of anxiety and depression.
Is there something that will allow people to reconnect with their emotions and show what they feel without limits and at the same time to have fun and feel energetic and inspired? Yes - the answer is dancing!

Goal: The aim of this workshop is that participants through teamwork demonstrate how dance can be not only a powerful tool for expressing emotions and connectiong people, but also affect the well-being of our mind and body. It would be desirable to use different types of dance when designing a performance.

Expected results: At the end of this workshop, with guaranteed good entertainment, the participants should become aware that dance is an art that connects us all and gives the opportunity to express our feelings. The performance will be shown at the final ceremony of the festival.

Participants: Participants who want to participate in this workshop are expected to be ready for team work and they should have a sense for rhythm and music.