Yoga – Finding Inner Peace

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Technique: By following an ancient Indian method of self-improvement – yoga, our participants will have the chance to face the picture of their own mental and physical health, giving them an opportunity to improve it, both on a physical and emotional level. Yoga is based on incorporating a specific system of values which can be defined as a life philosophy of self-respect and commitment to oneself’s inner peace.

Problem: In the time when the relentless onslaught of information cannot be stopped, we can become drowned in content and stimuli of different sorts to that measure that our focus and concentration become, paradoxically, very limited. If our mind and body are constantly active and under intense pressure, their natural ability can become severely endangered. Rest and relaxation come to mind as a logical remedy that gives the body a chance to refresh itself. The practice of yoga, which was once considered a somewhat avantgarde activity, today has become just that – a way to recover from the pressures of reality for multitudes of exercise and callisthenics practitioners. The concept of yoga puts practical physical and mental exercises in front, focusing on the complete development of the individual potential. The word ’yoga’ in fact, draws origin from the Sanscrit word ’yuj’ which represents unity and/or unification. From that, we can draw the conclusion that yoga is a way to put body, mind and emotions in balance.

Goal: This workshop has set for its goal to teach the participants how to turn towards themselves and their own psychological, emotional and physical needs by using the ancient techniques of yoga. Asanas (body postures related to the practice of yoga) are there to help the body, pranayamas (breathing techniques) to calm and focus the mind. Techniques of introspection bring us in contact with the repressed previous experiences of the individual and the emotions which can be looked upon as a key part of our being. By practising yoga, one can achieve greater emotional balance, leaving the feelings of loneliness, alienation and destructive behaviour for self-contentment and self-value. Yoga helps the individual to find out more about themselves and to have a clearer picture of his life by focusing attention on their own body, breathing slower and deeper, and merging breathing and movement through the exercises of physical and mental relaxation. By doing that, they will find themselves focused on the present moment, through which they could objectively examine the future.

Expected result: After participating in this workshop, our participants will have enough knowledge to use these practical tools for balancing the entire spectre of human experience. Techniques of yoga learned in this workshop will become the basis for further individual development of the participant in search of end limits of their own mental and physical capacities. For this inherent potential to become free, yoga prescripts a psychological approach based on the useable system of concentration and conscious and complete control of body and mind.

Participants: Participants should bring their own mat.