Futuropia - comic workshop

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Technique: Using techniques of writing, drawing and creating meaning by the way of modalities specific to comic books.

Problem: In the world of the internet, where any information we might need is always within our reach, as well as an endless multitude of content, it’s quite difficult to sustain interest for reading and creating meaning out of what has been read. Creativity, in fact, seems to be globally decreasing. It is well known that reading has a significant effect on the functioning of the brain. By reading we gather a lot of useful and educational information. But how do we expand the interest for reading to all groups of people by using the same forms of literature we have always used? A need for innovation is bigger than ever, for a new form of literature that will have the artistic elements of the previous forms and the same goal of transferring information or ideas but that will have new characteristics that can attract a broader audience or at least some it couldn't before. A way of art that will add amusement as one of it's biggest aspects. The solution presented itself in comic books which can be significantly more interesting than other forms or literature but still help people learn valuable information that they might consider boring had they received it through another form, and that can also serve as an entertainment. Through intense visual images, plot and characters, comic books capture a reader's attention like never before and hold it to the end of the book. As texts, comics provide a complex environment for the negotiation of meaning and require readers to draw connections between panels, which requires more attention from the reader. Comic books also provide an admirable reading choice range: although the most famous comics carry the theme of superheroes or supernatural beings, there are a lot of comics that focus on solving crime mysteries that train our abilities to notice little details. Apart from those there are also comics such as "Metropolis" that functions as a criticism of today's society and which can inspire us to be the change we want to see, thus making our social environment a better and safer place.

Goal: Our goal is to improve the reading and writing skills as well as critical thinking of our participants. We also wish to enable them to be active participants in the creating of their own comics with their own meaning by writing a comic that focuses on life in the future.

Expected results: Upon finishing the workshop, our participants are able to comprehend texts on a higher reading level, can easily discover the meaning of the story and create a comic of their own based on the knowledge and skills they gathered at the workshop.