I Am The Change - ecology workshop - climate change

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Method: This workshop will use knowledge from the field of ecology and related sciences in the goal of understanding the significance of the phenomenon of climate change.

Problem: The climate on Earth has always been changing, but since the 20th century, under the influence of humankind, there has been a drastic change in the climate, as never before. Excessive release of CO 2 into the atmosphere caused an increase in Earth's temperature by almost 1°C. The consequences are already noticeable – droughts, floods and forest fires have become a common thing, glaciers are rapidly melting and many animals are left without their habitat. What we can expect from the future is less clean drinking water, shorter winters and the endangerment of agricultural production.
Many agreements and promises have been signed with the hope of reducing the effects that lead to these devastating phenomena, but what can we, as individuals, now and in the future, do for our only home?

Goal: The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to the occurrence of climate change, its significance, why it is so harmful and what they can do about it in the present, as well as whether in the future will be some alternatives ways of perserving our planet with the continuous advancement of technology.

Expected results: Participants should develop the awareness that the planet Earth is the only home that humans and all other organisms have and that by endangering it, we endanger us all. They need to acquire basic knowledge of the causes of climate change, how to engage in the fight against the destruction of the planet, and to spread the knowledge that they have acquired effectively to their surroundings.