Method: Playing video games can be ridiculously entertaining, but what about making them? In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to the world of video game development and work under the knowing guidance to accomplishing both their personal and group goals.

Problem: Literature, music, and painting have been around for what seems like an eternity, while film-making just recently turned hundred, finding its feet firmly in the twentieth century. The artistic landscape of the future, however, lies firmly in the hands of video games. Beginning their life as simple, repetitive exercises in programming, resulting in a somewhat limited sense of fun, nowadays video games are a self-standing art form that requires not only complex code architectures but also the involvement of many different artists, including writers, graphic designers, composers, and directors. They are the ideal interactive art form that both entertains and enlightens and even brings people together, always leaving a lasting impact. But the code behind it is the true wonder tying it all.

Goal: The gaming workshop has a lofty aim – and is there anything loftier than creating a fully fledged video game? With the help of our moderator, coming straight from the video game industry, the participants of the workshop will be involved in the process of developing a video game, learning the steps on an individual, but also collective level. The moderator will find the perfect way of communicating with the participants and together with them settle on the adequate level of programming that will be practised, in respect of the group composition and the distribution of individual skill. After that, the goal will be set, and the participants will dive into the world of video games, always having in mind to take a few minutes off for a healthy dose of creative conversation.

Expected result: The participants will upgrade their video game knowledge not only through the learned technical aspects of creating one but also by getting valuable insight into the working experience of our moderator. During the final day of the festival, the group will present the work they did, maybe even giving a chance to some of the other festival-goers to try their undoubtedly wickedly fun product.

Participants: If the participants so wish, they can bring their own laptops with them. All previous knowledge is welcome, but not necessary.