Piece Of Mind – musical workshop – mental health

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Method: The method of this workshop is musical. The stage-artistic performance has the power to show in an effective and impressive way how much life with mental illness can be difficult.

Problem: There has always been great stigma in the society about mental health. People usually choose to be silent about their mental problems, and those who talk about it have faced negative comments and condemnations. The repellent attitude of people to this topic is caused by the fear of the unknown. The vast majority of mental illnesses can be successfully treated if a person responds to help in time, but in the fear of discrimination, this is most often avoided. The topic of mental hygiene and the fight against discrimination of the mentally ill in the world is getting more and more important, because it is necessary to change something quickly if we want to keep a tolerant society and help people who need it the most.

Goal: With the help of musical as a method of this workshop, the goal is to demonstrate in an emotional and personal way what people with mental illness go through and encounter, how they see the world around them, what they feel and how difficult their fight is. By presenting their lives realistically, this musical needs to make us think how important is this topic and how widespread it is, because mental illness is not spotted easily.

Expected results: Participants in this workshop should become more familiar with how people with mental problems see the world and people around them and as a result they should get a higher awareness of this problem and how it is necessary to be tolerant, empathetic and without fear when talking about mental illnesses as this increases the number of people familiar with this topic and reduces the prejudice.