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Method: The potential of cryptocurrencies to change the world is so high that it’s only a matter of time when our world will go through another monetary metamorphosis. Participants of the cryptocurrency workshop will be introduced to different economic concepts concerned with this digital currency, but will also be taught about and how to use the blockchain technology, that made cryptocurrencies possible in the first place. Problem: Money is probably the most slippery and least grateful term for easy definition, because, really, what is money in the end? Some would say, a system of symbolic values, but in today’s day and age, money is more and more based upon a mutual system of trust – better known as credit – or, in other words, the stories that we tell each other (and to ourselves). Yet, without a doubt, money is something without which the modern civilisation would collapse with frightening speed. It is, in fact, probably the very thing that allowed it to reach this level of sophistication. With the appearance of cryptocurrencies, the entirety of banking community collectively shivered, because what cryptocurrencies promise is a revolution of our very understanding of the concept of money. However, as is usually the case, every new concept has to be parented to self-realisation and complete independence. Cryptocurrencies still have a long way to go – but the technology behind them, the intuitive, but also extremely sophisticated concept of blockchain represents a wonder of human ingenuity.

Goals: The cryptocurrency workshop for its goal chose to educate and encourage our participants for their future endeavours by teaching them certain well-rounded economic principles and concepts that influence our everyday lives and will influence our futures, focusing on the very popular subject of cryptocurrencies. As with everything from which connections towards money can be drawn, cryptocurrencies carry great promise – but also equal danger of misapplication. Rational judgement is, in the end, the modus operandi of economic sciences. Because of that, awareness is key, awareness and understanding of different possibilities, but also limitations, which our moderator will cultivate in workshop participants, leading them through different schools of thought and giving them the right insight into the world of cryptocurrencies, their history and future in regard to the upcoming technological and civilisational revolution. Our participants will also be taught about the blockchain technology and all the ways it can be used, where it can be found, and how it can be made to best fit.

Expected results: Upon the successful realisation of this workshop, the participants will have valuable and usable knowledge of cryptocurrencies. It’s important to stress that it won’t only be in regard to how to use the already existing ones, but also how to best harness the potential of cryptocurrencies. Along with that, the workshop participants will improve their understanding of programming, having been lectured about the principles governing the blockchain technology, from which, it is our hope, they will be able to draw usable knowledge for many other fields and disciplines relevant to their personal expertise.